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About Us

WELCOME to Burnaby Manufacturing Ltd.

Since 1992 Burnaby Manufacturing Ltd. has been producing products for the “Natural Gas” and “Propane” industry. In this group of products is a line of Outlets and Tiki Torches designed to enhance patio lifestyles. Our line of Gas Outlet Boxes has effectively eliminated the need for portable tanks for all your patio appliances.

Imagine the inconvenience...

  • No more trips to refill an empty propane tank
  • No more running out of gas in the middle of a meal
  • No fear of gas leaks or fire at the tank connection
  • Cheaper fuel from your home’s gas system
  • A safe and secure connection locked away from children

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  • Ideally suited to Patio installations
  • CSA / AGA approved for use with Natural Gas or Propane
  • Effectively eliminates portable tanks while providing a secure and attractive gas connection