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Can I install a Gas Plug(TM) on my own or do I need to get a gas fitter?

-We recommend the installation of any gas product be done by a licensed gas fitter.

Some of your models have regulators and other do not, which one do I need?

-The models with regulators are only for gas systems that are 2PSIG, your utility/gas fitter will be able to tell you if you have a low pressure system (7″ WC) or a 2PSIG system.

Do you have a 3/8″ BBQ Hose longer than 10′?

-No, the code in our area is Maximum 3 meters/10 feet and if a person goes over that length, they should go to a 1/2″ connection

Is there a minimum distance that a tiki torch should be installed away from a combustible area (eve/sofit/side of house)?

-There is no national standard for open flame to combustibles clearances, as it is covered in the building code for each jurisdiction. Having said that, here in B.C., you are not allowed to install an open flame under any combustible material period. As for the sideways distance, it is 3′. You will want to check your local building codes to be safe.

Which Gas Plug(TM) model do you recommend for installation in a brick wall?

-The Versatile Gas Plug for Exterior would be the best option.  It comes with brick ties to secure the box within the bricks/rocks.

I want to install a Gas Plug(TM) in paving stones, is this possible?

-Yes, you can use the Versatile Gas Plug for Concrete.

I am unable to find a Gas Plug(TM) dealer in my area, can I buy direct?

-Yes, you can purchase directly from our website, or you can purchase any of our products on or if there is not a dealer in your area.

Where will my order ship from?

-If you are located in Canada, your order will ship out of Vancouver, B.C.  If you are located in the US, your order will ship out of Blaine, WA.