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An Outdoor Room for Every Style

Regardless of the size of your yard – or the size of your wallet – there’s an outdoor room to fit your needs. Just because people are staying home more these days doesn’t mean they’re staying indoors. The concept of “cocooning” took hold in a...

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Natural Gas to Go

Convenience outlets allow homeowners flexibility when using natural gas. Outdoor areas designed for entertaining are finding their way onto must-have lists for more homeowners. If your home doesn’t have an outdoor kitchen, spa or cozy seating...

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The Lowdown on Outdoor Add-Ons

Spice up your outdoor living area with natural gas items that combine beauty and functionality. Any fashion aficionado will tell you: It’s the accessories that make the outfit. Need to make an inexpensive outfit from a department store look like...

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Outdoor Kitchen Elements

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a natural gas grill and some furniture. However, outdoor kitchens have gotten upscale recently, with a dizzying array of features and options. Themes – Homeowners who choose custom fireplaces or fire...

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Testing for Carbon Monoxide

There are many reasons for a technician to conduct carbon monoxide (CO) tests. Sometimes an offhand comment by a customer will lead cause for the technician to suspect a problem. Occasionally the customer is referred to a heating contractor by a...

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